Cyclone Gridiron Club


Mission Statement

The Cyclone Gridiron Club (CGC) is an official support group recognized by the Iowa State University Department of Athletics. All contributions are tax-deductible and go directly to the Iowa State football program. The CGC mission is to contribute to the advancement of Cyclone football in a method consistent with the parameters set by the NCAA, the Big 12 Conference, and Iowa State University. CGC members work with the coaches and athletic administrative staff to achieve the following goals:

  • Raise money for special projects and services for the football program and staff that are not provided for in the annual Athletic Department budget
  • Sponsor and conduct activities that foster a positive football family atmosphere and spirit
  • Ensure good communication and exchange of information between the football staff and it supporters

To date the CGC has raised more than $2.3 million for non-budgeted football program expenses!

Use of Funds


“There couldn’t be a more exciting time to be a member of the extended family for Cyclone football. An elite future for Cyclone football rests largely upon the personal investment of people like you in the Cyclone Gridiron Club. Whether it’s buying tickets, donating to the club, inviting a neighbor to Jack Trice Stadium or simply listening to a game on the radio, your contributions are core to the future results. Thank you for your past support of Iowa State football, and Go Cyclones!”

Jamie Pollard
Director of Athletics

"When you are a member it is rewarding to see, at the end of the year, what impact your organization has made."

Al Hart
CGC Member; Ankeny, Iowa

"I wholly appreciated what the Club did for us during my time as a student-athlete.  I knew there were certain thing that I was afforded that many other universities didn't have access to.  I wanted to 'pay it forward' to the next generation of football players at Iowa State.  It's fun to say I've been on both ends of an organization that supports its beneficiaries so much."

Jeff Woody
Cyclone running back from 2009-2013

"Having been season ticket holders for many years we have witnessed year after year the commitment the student athletes make to the football program. We decided to make our commitment to the football program through the Cyclone Gridiron Club. Money given to Cyclone Gridiron Club goes directly to the football program, thus benefiting the student athletes. Financial support thru the Gridiron Club is even more important now because of the changing landscape of college sports."

Scott Core
CGC Member; Urbandale, Iowa

"Being a student athlete at Iowa State was when I learned what loyalty really meant. Faithfulness and devotion are the characteristics of so many Iowans that supported us as a team and me as an individual. This is why staying connected to Iowa State is so important to me and my family.  There is no better way to show your loyalty than to be a part of The Letterwinners and Gridiron Club at the best University in Iowa.  Go Clones!"

Seneca Wallace
Cyclone quarterback from 2001-2002

"We chose to be members of the Cyclone Gridiron Club because a quality football team is an important component to Iowa State's overall mission. By supporting the CGC, we're allowing 100% of our contribution to go directly and immediately into the football program and help build the Iowa State brand as we compete for students, faculty, and staff."

Matt Craft
CGC Member; La Porte City, Iowa

“I give to the Letterwinners and Gridiron Clubs because ISU Football gave me more than I could ever hope to repay. The Letterwinners Club helps us reconnect with one-another and the Gridiron Club helps the team have the best possible experience as a Cyclone. Thank you for considering membership in both - in my opinion, it's money well spent.”

Ben Bruns
ISU All American 2000

‪“Being a member of the Gridiron Club and Letterwinners Club helps me stay in the loop for all things Iowa State Football. It also lets me do my part as a former ISU All American to ensure we can recruit even more All Americans for our football team. Go Clones!”

Gene Williams
ISU first team All American 1990

"First, the entire Cyclone football experience has provided me, family, and friends tremendous memories and enjoyment over the years. The Cyclone Gridiron Club gives me an avenue to give back directly to a program that has been such a big part of our lives. Secondly, to compete in the Big 12 and compete for high-profile bowl bids, supplemental revenue that goes directly to the Iowa State Football program is more important than ever."

Steve Swope
CGC Member; Ubandale, Iowa

“I am a proud member of the 1959 Dirty thirty football team.  Now that was 56 years ago and it seems like ages ago.  Being an active member of the Lettermen’s Club and the Gridiron Club affords me the opportunity to continue a relationship with one of the most significant experiences of my life. The drive, discipline and professionalism that I learned as a football player significantly helped in my career.”    

Tom Ferrebee, 1959 Dirty Thirty Member

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